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Gary Romolo Fiorelli is a 20 year veteran of movies and TV. To learn more about his work, please click here.



Virginia Film Office, the Virginia Production Alliance, and Film and Video Studies (FAVS) at George Mason University Present:

Production Assistant Training Seminar live event on Saturday and Sunday February 20 and 21, 2016.
The event will be held at the Northern Virginia campus of George Mason University.
Click here to register

If you are interested in bringing our live seminars to YOUR city, let us know and contact your local film commission.




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Archived Video clips

This sample video footage
 is from our visit to
Washington DC


K. Hollinger introduces P.A.T.S.
Getting called back
Working with C. Eastwood
Working with H. Hunter
Networking in the biz
Your First Day
Why work locally?



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"I was skeptical about if I should get involved in this field, coming from the health field. Now I know this is where my heart is and I know I have the drive to move forward, and now P.A.T.S. has given me the knowledge and training to do so."

Curtis Von Rowe - University of Missouri at Kansas City - February 2010


Recent Job/Film Listings from ReelGrok and  Below The Line ** CLICK HERE **

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