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Gary Romolo Fiorelli is a 20 year veteran of movies and TV. To learn more about his work, please click here.




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Gary Romolo Fiorelli

Directors Guild of America

A native Washingtonian, Gary Romolo Fiorelli began his career in entertainment as an entry level production assistant with a focus on large scale motion pictures and television. Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland offer unique setting that attract large scale productions for filming using local crew. Through the local film community he was able to work on these shows.

"In the Line of Fire"                  “Homicide”

"Major League 2"                       “Disney Channel Inauguration”

"A Few Good Men"

"The Firm"

Born Yesterday

Local news organizations and production companies such as BET, Discovery, Department of Defense along with commercial and industrial projects, help provide a solid foundation of the skills needed to work effectively on any size production.

Working on large scale movie productions outside of the DC / Metropolitan area allowed him to be involved with projects such as:

Air Force one”                           Ohio

The Road to Wellville”              North Carolina

Outbreak”                                  Hawaii

The Devil’s Own”                      New York and Ireland

“Get Shorty"and "Matilda"      Los Angeles, CA

Gary Romolo Fiorelli gained membership to the prestigious Directors Guild of America. Using the relationships he had made during his tenure as a production assistant, Gary has worked throughout the world as an Assistant Director on such films and TV projects as:

"Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2"

"Blades of Glory"

"Rendition"                                 “Jarhead”,

"Body of Lies”                             "Runaway Jury"

Mistresses”                                 “Astronauts Wives Club”

Killer Women”                           “Point of Honor”

Magic City”                                “Unanswered Prayers”

Sons of Anarchy”                    “No Ordinary Family”

Saving Grace”                           “Huff

In the fall of 2015 he completed principal photography in Poland on the feature film “Music, War and Love” directed by Martha Coolidge.

Returning to the US, Gary was able to complete Season 2 of ABC Family 1 hour drama “Stitchers”.

2016 begins with returning to ABC “Mistresses” having done the pilot and Season 2.

Using the experience gained from almost 20 years in film making; Production Assistant Training Seminar (P.A.T.S.) will give you the tools to work in entry level of the career you choose. Gary Fiorelli shares his experience in the trenches of the Hollywood film industry. With P.A.T.S. industry leading, 2 day live seminar, you'll learn how to become the “Unforgettable Production Assistant”. You will acquire the skills needed to effectively work on any size of production, from multi-million dollar films to to micro budgeted student films and projects of your own choosing.

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